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October 21, 2012
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Edgar Roni Figaro


1. Oh? Am I on?

2. Let's see how far this goes.

3. Always the eager one I see.

4. I welcome this with open arms.

Low HP: Playing dirty now?

Low HP: A handicap? How fun.

Strong Opponent: Don't go thinking highly of yourself.

Strong Opponent: A confident one I see.

Weak Opponent: You don't know what you're getting into.

Weak Opponent: You're much to confident for this.

Edgar vs.

Warrior of Light: How noble are you willing to be?

Garland: I can hardly believe this will last long.

Firion: All those things look too complicated for me.

The Emperor: Your kingdom will sink and never rise again.

Onion Knight: Just a little bit obnoxious if you ask me.

Cloud of Darkness: Emptiness will gladly take you.

Cecil: Let us see how those tools work.

Golbez: I see you are willing to make difficult choices.

Kain: How will this end for you, I wonder?

Bartz: I bet you're not all that smooth.

Exdeath: It is pointless for you to fight against anything.

Gilgamesh: My weapons are much greater than yours!

Terra: The future… Can we reclaim it?

Kefka: Times up, kingy!

Edgar: We'll choose whatever paths we'll take, no regrets.

Cloud: Confidence? You sure have that?

Sephiroth: How sad that this won't last long for you.

Tifa: Sorry, not interested.

Squall: You're not going to be a handful, are you?

Ultimecia: It is unfortunate that nothing can be like it was.

Laguna: Ehh… That mask is kinda scary.

Zidane: I'll show you what's what.

Kuja: Despite refined tastes, all shall burn for you.

Tidus: I know some people who'd hate you.

Jecht: Come at me, pretty boy!

Yuna: At another time, I would have been against those.

Shantotto: Machines like those will not help you.

Prishe: …You don't even know what you're saying, do you?

Nag'molada: Waste my time if you like, you only delay the inevitable.

Vaan: Those things all rusty?

Gabranth: So forgiving I see. Despicable.

Vayne: King of sand is all you are.

Lightning: Don't get any ideas.

Dysley: What a waste of a life you must lead.

Aqua: Guess we just all have to be patient.

Hein: Why do fools flock to this place?

Cosmos: I hope to see what you can bring here.

Chaos: A world of destruction is all that awaits you.

vs. Edgar

Warrior of Light: Trying to be the light to the future?

Garland: Some just don't have any class whatsoever.

Firion: I think we all want things to return to how they were.

The Emperor: Going to sit on your throne all day or fight?

Onion Knight: Out to play, huh kid?

Cloud of Darkness: What sort of eldritch thing is this?

Cecil: Are you going to show chivalry?

Golbez: But of a mysterious one, aren't you?

Kain: You won't be getting out of my sights.

Bartz: Strange, I can actually see you.

Exdeath: Don't worry, this won't take long.

Gilgamesh: Where do you keep coming from?

Terra: It's all your choice, Terra.

Kefka: Oh? Greeted by the court jester?

Edgar: We'll choose whatever paths we'll take, no regrets.

Cloud: I know you have more than that.

Sephiroth: Trying to make a spectacle of yourself?

Tifa: First off, your beauty has captivated me.

Squall: Such a grouch this one.

Ultimecia: Another time, another place maybe…

Laguna: Those are certainly some interesting tools you have.

Zidane: There's a thing or two you could learn.

Kuja: How much longer are you going to talk?

Tidus: Calm down already.

Jecht: I'm sure there's a limit to what you can take.

Yuna: I'm dying to know if I'm your type.

Shantotto: You're just all sorts of trouble.

Prishe: Here's hoping you'll be around in eight years.

Nag'molada: More boring that what I want to deal with.

Vaan: Suppose you've got some tricks too?

Gabranth: What do you think of the sacrifices that were made for you?

Vayne: Does no one know how to rule properly?

Lightning: Your abilities seems interesting.

Dysley: I'll simply disassemble you.

Aqua: That could have been helpful a few times.

Hein: I see there's no changing your mind.

Cosmos: It'll be a pleasure if you wish it.

Chaos: I do hope you'll make this fun for me.


1. Another job well done.

2. I love it when things come together.

3. Seems things always work out in the end.

4. Maybe you can have another go next time.

Low HP: If something were to happen to me, the world's women would grieve.

Low HP: That almost didn't work out.

Strong Opponent: Can't keep track of all these victories.

Strong Opponent: Don't you think that was fun?

Weak Opponent: Why don't people run away?

Weak Opponent: Did you really think anything else would happen?


1. Guess my technique's a bit rusty…

2. How inappropriate…

3. Has this really happened?

4. This can't be how it ends for me?

Strong Opponent: Maybe I should have rethought this?

Strong Opponent: This wasn't supposed to be.

Weak Opponent: I am out of luck…

Weak Opponent: That was humiliating…

Penelo Comment: He thinks he's so smooth, but I think he's trying too hard sometimes…
For this week, Edgar Roni Figaro from Final Fantasy VI.
PRFan Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2012  Student General Artist
Sweet, I'd totally play as him, if he were in the game. Wonder what voice would suit him... :iconmegustaplz:
LOL, loved Laguna's (the mask).
OmegaMorph Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2012
Ever the smooth talker as usual. I like his he clashes with Vayne and the Emperor. A shame we won't see him meet Vincent since they've both used chainsaws and Jason masks at some point. On another note, I don't really get his quote against Bartz.
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